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I want that car! :)
6 September 2009

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Snowing Feb 09
5 February 2009

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The Crystal Garden
25 December 2008

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Not batting an eyelid
26 November 2008

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Mmmm. Chocolate.
23 November 2008

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Deciphering the Price List
16 November 2008

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Driving though snowflakes
29 October 2008

Recent Comments

CATCHLIGHT on A Dalek Snowman?
Now!'s been over a year, no excuses OK.....would love to see more of your pics.....

CATCHLIGHT on A Dalek Snowman?

CATCHLIGHT on A Dalek Snowman?
nice Dalek, new camera?

CATCHLIGHT on Royal Palace, Madrid
?,................... thanks, good to see the pics.

CATCHLIGHT on Royal Palace, Madrid
ahem............and Happy New Year

catchlight on Royal Palace, Madrid
So have you not taken any shots since the 10th October?

CATCHLIGHT on Rose in bloom
and sexy in that sort of way...

CATCHLIGHT on Royal Palace, Madrid
International jet-setting photographer..

Bloody great!

CATCHLIGHT on Rose in bloom
simply beautiful!

CATCHLIGHT on Bee in flower
quite erotic in some ways..

CATCHLIGHT on Dragonfly chilling out

CATCHLIGHT on Dragonfly chilling out
More please!

Am I allowed to kiss her?...lovely portrait Di

CATCHLIGHT on OK, another tomato pic. Wait til they're ripe!
I'm waiting, I'm waiting!

CATCHLIGHT on The garden through a spider web
You have a special eye for seeing beauty in the world...nice

CATCHLIGHT on Dragonfly chilling out
bloody 'ell....not seen that one before, seems to like figs...mmmm...great shot miss Mercy

Eleftheria! on Ceiling lights in Nandos
I love it!

CATCHLIGHT on A spider wraps it up for the day

CATCHLIGHT on My Hairdressers
a fine job they do too!..nice shot!

CATCHLIGHT on A Lime Drizzle cake.
another baking masterpiece..sorry to miss it.

CATCHLIGHT on Amazing what you can do with a bit of material
simply beautiful!

CATCHLIGHT on Are they tomatoes, grapes or summit more sinister?
bloomin' eck

CATCHLIGHT on Plentiful supply for an Ant
Bloomin' 'eck!

CATCHLIGHT on Broccoli Flowers in a curry
Got to be a CD cover!!, excellent!!

CATCHLIGHT on The Texture of Towels
Well spotted, looks like all sorts of stuff,

CATCHLIGHT on Buttering Toast
Great food shot, and how yummy does that look.

CATCHLIGHT on Honestly, that really IS a straight banana!
Could come in handy?

CATCHLIGHT on Uraeus is faster than a speeding.. er.. camera

CATCHLIGHT on Can you guess what it is, yet?
I know, I know!! looks great, your eye is very special.

CATCHLIGHT on Dried Glastonbury Mud

CATCHLIGHT on Dried Glastonbury Mud
Well, yet again this pic of mud, it's good but not that good.....I know you have some more delectables in the ...

CATCHLIGHT on Mike giving it his all at Glastonbury
The gherkin certainly adds that je ne se qua.

CATCHLIGHT on Dried Glastonbury Mud
Miss Mercy, it's been some time now since we've seen some new examples from your very fine eye......

CATCHLIGHT on Begin the ritual burning at Glastonbury Festival
Ray Mears eat your heart out

CATCHLIGHT on Dried Glastonbury Mud
You could flog this pic to the Independent/Guardian, as a 'not muddy Glastonbury sort of thing'..sort of pic, ...

CATCHLIGHT on Dinosaur goes to Trash City
OK.. you have a special eye...great pic.

CATCHLIGHT on Gabi's readying her costume for Glastonbury
Really great pic, but where are the new ones?....oh Glastonbury star.....

CATCHLIGHT on Touche! Mr Spaceman

CATCHLIGHT on Just as the clock turns midnight......
a lovely portrait of you

CATCHLIGHT on Rise and Shine
Any chance of seeing anymore of your beautiful photographs?

catchlight on Rise and Shine
More please

Catchlight on Trousers are down, keep on walking
A masterpiece

CATCHLIGHT on Squirty lemonade
Giant doin' what he does, in that sort of Giant sort of way...

CATCHLIGHT on Tomato seedling
Lovely shot Diane, simple is good eh?

CATCHLIGHT on Rise and Shine
mmmmmmm...9.00am..Dream-time....., green chum to keep you company..

CATCHLIGHT on Allium about to bloom
Can't believe you get this sort of result from your mobile,.... it's not what you've got, it's the ...

CATCHLIGHT on Friends enjoying a night out
Stop pullin' your eyelashes out.

CATCHLIGHT on Birth of the Apple
This has got to be one of the most gorgeous shots I've seen in a long time, it reminds me of a shot my old man ...

or...I'll have one of them, then!

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